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22 Mar 2013 13:59 brlcad

Hooji et al., the BRL-CAD project has bundled a version of Jove that compiles cleanly on OS X for nearly a decade now. The OS X binary distributions up through 7.22 include it in their install. Cheers!

27 May 2004 09:32 blenda

Handy app, and also Free Software
I find this app handy when Emacs is to heavy.

NB: This is the license of jove: "This program is Copyright (C) 1986-2002 by Jonathan Payne. JOVE is provided by Jonathan and Jovehacks without charge and without warranty. You may copy, modify, and/or distribute JOVE, provided that this notice is included in all the source files and documentation."

12 Jun 2002 13:01 cord

Re: OS X version of Jove?
Did you try to compile it on MacOS X?

However: it would be better if you try to contact the Authors directly.

18 May 2002 09:07 hooji

OS X version of Jove?

It would be nice to have a version of Jove that runs in a
terminal window on OS X. It should be an easy port
since OS X is unix.

Thank You.



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