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24 Dec 2004 09:26 Journyx

New Version
Journyx Timesheet is still alive and well. It automates payroll, project management & billing by tracking time, expenses and mileage. It runs on Linux, FreeBSD, AIX, Solaris & most server flavors of Windows. It integrates with MS Project, Quickbooks, SAP, Peoplesoft and scales to thousands of users. 1000's of companies all over the world run their business on this software, most of them without paying Journyx anything. Your 10 user license is free at Journyx (

16 Apr 2004 06:32 clf99

Re: It isn't 'freeware' -- yes it is!

> ... it's "demoware" - 30 day trial for

> 10 users or less.

as it says on their website:

Download Timesheet and use it to your heart's content, for free, for up to 10 users. Not "free for 60 days." Not "free if you buy this timeshare in Florida." Just plain free.

17 Nov 1999 14:42 jasonf

It isn't 'freeware'
... it's "demoware" - 30 day trial for 10 users or less.


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