Version 1.2 b1 of jOpenDocument

Release Notes: This version includes name accessors for spreadsheets. Now you can add/remove tables from text documents and sheets from calc documents. getTableModel() on a named range was added. Functions have been added in order to unmerge on cells and remove columns.Cell styles are improved. There are new classes for paragraph and heading creation for text documents. There are various requested fixes and performance improvements.

Other releases

  •  14 Jun 2013 21:37

    Release Notes: This is the new major version of jOpenDocument. If you are using a previous version, the authors strongly encourage you to update.

    •  11 Mar 2013 20:19

    Release Notes: This version includes support of the flat XML format. A document validator is now included in order to check the conformance of generated documents. Many APIs are improved.

    •  10 Nov 2010 07:43

    Release Notes: The handling of elements without a style was improved. The creation of empty tables was fixed.

    •  14 Apr 2010 19:21

      Release Notes: There are ODS Viewer improvements, a new API for table cells manipulation, as well as some bugfixes and new documentation.

      Release Notes: The build system was fixed (JDK 5 compilation and broken properties). Code cleanup. A MIME type attribute has been added in spreadsheets. A timezone format issue was resolved.


      Project Spotlight


      A wireframes, mockup, and prototype tool for desktop, Web, and mobile applications.


      Project Spotlight


      A CalDAV Web client.