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jOOX stands for Java Object Oriented XML. It is a simple wrapper for the org.w3c.dom package to allow for fluent XML document creation and manipulation where DOM is required but too verbose. jOOX only wraps the underlying document and can be used to enhance DOM, not as an alternative. It is inspired by jOOQ and jQuery.

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jOOX Logo 03 Sep 2011

jOOX, the sister of jOOQ now has its own logo:

See also this announcement:


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  •  14 Apr 2012 22:03

    Release Notes: This minor release adds a couple of new, useful methods to Match.

    •  27 Jan 2012 22:57

      Release Notes: This is the first "official" release of jOOX. All strategic XML. API's are now supported by jOOX. These include: support for marshalling / unmarshalling JAXB annotated objects; support for XPath parameters / variables; support for XPath extension namespace / functions as provided by; support for XSL transformation; support for CSS-style selectors for XML navigation.

      •  18 Jan 2012 22:02

        Release Notes: This release adds several new $() methods as well as support for JAXB marshalling / unmarshalling.

        •  02 Oct 2011 16:27

          Release Notes: This release adds Match.andSelf(), Match.each(), Match.reverse(), and Match.child(String) to the API. This release also ships with a few important performance improvements.

          •  19 Aug 2011 06:01

            Release Notes: XPath support, type conversion, and more sophisticated and extensible callback method signatures were added. More Javadoc was added on Filters, equals(), hashCode(), $(InputStream) and other $(source) methods.

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            15 Apr 2012 16:36 bmsi

            web site link is wrong.


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