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13 Mar 2003 08:41 exertier

JOnAS update
Since release 2.6, JOnAS is a complete J2EE platform, not only an EJB server. Release 3.0 is J2EE 1.3 compliant. It is mainly developed within the Bull company, within the ObjectWeb consortium (, a consortium which aims at providing open source middlewares. JOnAS is available under the LGPL license.

10 Jan 2001 10:53 exertier

JOnAS EJB Server
The BullSoft EJB server is now called JOnAS, developped by Evidian (the Group Bull Company
issued from its BullSoft division), and maintained by the Objectweb consortium (middleware
opensources provider). It is EJB 1.1 compliant and is available at or


Project Spotlight


An open, cross-platform journaling program.


Project Spotlight


A scientific plotting package.