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JOnAS is a pure Java implementation of the J2EE specification, available in open source. It is useful to those building applications like e-commerce, e-portal, management systems, intranet application, inventory systems, reservation systems, banking applications, etc.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Sep 2009 12:46

    Release Notes: This release is Java EE 5 certified and provides you the best (and currently most stable) release of JOnAS 5. Since JOnAS 5.0, the major component dependencies (such as EasyBeans, Tomcat, Joram, CXF, and Hibernate) have been upgraded to include the latest bugfixes. A lot of issues have been resolved and particular attention was paid to the new administration Web console's user experience. These last months were completely dedicated to the stabilization of the Java EE platform, testing it extensively with multiple OSes and JVMs in order to guarantee a steady release as much as possible.

    •  07 Jun 2004 11:29

      Release Notes: This release uses J2EE 1.4. It supports EJB 2.1, J2EE CA 1.5 with a JMS connector for JORAM, and JACC 1.0, embeds Tomcat 5 or Jetty 5, and has a J2EE management model that is exposed through the MEJB. It integrates JOTM as the transaction manager and provides a new classloader hierarchy. A lightweight database is now embedded, making it a ready to use application server, at least for "non db intensive" applications.

      •  01 Oct 2003 11:00

        Release Notes: This is the last major release on the way towards J2EE 1.4. It already provides some J2EE 1.4 features such as Web Services deployment and an EJB 2.1 Timer Service early implementation. This version also supports JDO by integrating the ObjectWeb SPEEDO JDO implementation and provides Certificate-based authentication with the corresponding JAAS loginModule. A JDBC resource adapter (J2EE Connector) is provided for integrating JDBC drivers, enabling Prepared Statements pooling. The new Management console(JonasAdmin) is now complete and integrates Tomcat management.

        •  04 Aug 2003 14:45

          Release Notes: Support for multiple communication protocols was implemented via the CAROL framework. There is legacy database support for CMP2.0 (JORM, MEDOR). New security features (such as JAAS LoginModules) were added. EJB Clustering, a new management console GUI, a Client Container, and Eclipse and JBuilder plugins were added.

          •  30 Apr 2003 16:35

            Release Notes: Web Services support was added through AXIS 1.1 integration. The installation directory (JONAS_ROOT) and servers configuration and deployment directories (JONAS_BASE) were separated. Persistent configuration was added through JAdmin. JOnAS-Tomcat and JOnAS-Jetty packagings were added. JMS 1.1 support and JMS/SOAP support were added. The following realms for JOnAS/Tomcat are now supported: MemoryRealm, UserDatabaseRealm, JNDIRealm, and JDBCRealm. ejbSelect and cascade delete were implemented for CMP 2.0.

            Recent comments

            13 Mar 2003 08:41 exertier

            JOnAS update
            Since release 2.6, JOnAS is a complete J2EE platform, not only an EJB server. Release 3.0 is J2EE 1.3 compliant. It is mainly developed within the Bull company, within the ObjectWeb consortium (, a consortium which aims at providing open source middlewares. JOnAS is available under the LGPL license.

            10 Jan 2001 10:53 exertier

            JOnAS EJB Server
            The BullSoft EJB server is now called JOnAS, developped by Evidian (the Group Bull Company
            issued from its BullSoft division), and maintained by the Objectweb consortium (middleware
            opensources provider). It is EJB 1.1 compliant and is available at


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