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Version 1.7.8-jumbo-5 of John the Ripper

Release Notes: Support for more character encodings via the new "--encoding" option has been added (currently UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, koi8-r, and cp1251). Support for raw SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512 hashes has been added. The Makefile has been revised to work with Solaris native make again.

Other releases

  •  30 May 2013 23:47

Release Notes: Incremental mode's efficiency has been improved, and its length and character set limitations in default builds have been lifted. More speed metrics have been added to the status line. Trivial parallel and distributed processing has been implemented with new --fork and --node options. Bitmaps have been implemented for faster comparison of computed vs. loaded hashes. Cracking of bcrypt on 32-bit x86 with GCC 4.2+ and DES-based tripcodes has been sped up. Reconstruction of ASCII encodings of LM hashes has been implemented to save RAM. The formats interface has been made more GPU-friendly. Many formats have been renamed. The license has been relaxed.

  •  21 Sep 2012 00:57

Release Notes: This is mostly a bugfix release. Besides the many bugfixes (mostly for issues introduced with -jumbo-6), it adds support for cracking of KeePass 2.x and RAdmin 2.x passwords and more varieties of PKZIP archives. It also adds GPU support under recent Mac OS X releases, provides speedups for many of the previously-supported formats, and includes minor new features and documentation updates.

  •  29 Jun 2012 21:11

Release Notes: CUDA and OpenCL support has been added. Support for Mac OS X keychains, KeePass 1.x, Password Safe, ODF and Office 2007/2010 files, Firefox/Thunderbird master passwords, RAR -p, WPA-PSK, VNC and SIP C/Rs, HMAC-SHA-*, RACF, builtin SHA-crypt, DragonFly BSD SHA-2, Django, Drupal 7, WoltLab BB3, new EPiServer, GOST, and LinkedIn raw SHA-1 has been added, with OpenMP, CUDA, and/or OpenCL for many of these. Optimizations have been made and OpenMP/CUDA/OpenCL added for many of the previously-supported (non-)hashes. AMD XOP is now used for MD4/MD5/SHA-1. Many main program features and tiny new programs have been added.

  •  18 Dec 2011 22:27

Release Notes: -jumbo was rebased on 1.7.9. Support for RADIUS shared secrets and for SHA-0 was added. MSSQL (old and 2005), MySQL (SHA-1 based), and Lotus5 hashing were optimized. OpenMP parallelization was added for Lotus5. x86-64 builds now make use of SSE2 intrinsics for more hash and cipher types. More i-suffixed make targets were added (which use an icc-generated assembly file for SSE2 intrinsics), including for 32-bit x86 builds. An MD4 implementation in assembly for x86/SSE2 and MMX was added. An alternate implementation of NTLM hashing was added (--format=nt2). A binary build for Windows was made.

  •  23 Nov 2011 23:17

    Release Notes: OpenMP parallelization of MD5-crypt and bitslice DES has been added. DES key setup has been reworked. x86-64 assembly code for DES S-boxes has been optimized. Support for DES-based tripcodes has been added. Larger hash table sizes for faster processing of millions of hashes per salt have been added. Detection of Intel AVX and AMD XOP with fallback to an alternate program binary has been added. Fallback to a non-OpenMP build has been added. A benchmark result comparison tool has been added. The bundled common passwords list has been updated. Many minor enhancements and a few bugfixes were made.


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