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jOggplayer is a platform-independent, graphical Ogg Vorbis player developed using Java. It features the usual basics needed to enjoy your files, including playing files from your hard drive or streaming from an URL, individual file play or multiple file looping play, sequential or random play, volume control that goes to 11, a visual song progress indicator, and more. It also Scrobbles to

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  22 Nov 2008 10:05

    Release Notes: This release added Scrobbling, improved the playlist load time, and added the ability to save a playlist of only your favorite/checked songs from the Playlist dropdown. Bugs with playlists of only 1 or 2 files when looping is enabled, with adding to an empty playlist drop-down, and loading songs from a playlist file were fixed. The default playlist file is now "jOggPlaylist.pls". An Ant build file is now included. An option for automatically playing was added. Some help was added.

    •  08 Apr 2002 19:19

      Release Notes: Changes include significant fixes for the favourites items, playlist, looping when there are only 1 or 2 files, the playlist title when a new song is added or when the list is empty, and loading songs from a playlist file. The default playlist filename has been changed. An ant build file is also included.

      •  05 Jan 2002 06:02

        Release Notes: Added installer, mute button, options menu item, display and playlist menu, help items. Major bugfixes to fix UNIX/Linux and Mac hangs, improved configurability and state saves.

        •  16 Nov 2001 23:27

          Release Notes: Some minor feature additons and bugfixes, including some Playlist improvements and features, a new mini-view, and a new byte counter.

          •  05 Nov 2001 20:28

            Release Notes: This release includes the ability to drag and drop songs, a "favorites" list (checkboxes in the playlist combobox), an available auto updating version (watches for an updated Jar file and retrieves it), more JavaDocs ,code cleanup (standard variable naming, logging, playlist abstracted into its own object, improved layout management), and more information on the web site.


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