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  •  22 Jul 2006 13:46

Release Notes: This release includes fixes for some core dump bugs and also a few feature enhancements. The bugs include core dumps when traversing menus and when using the multi-file search and replace command. Also fixed is a bug where the compile command (ESC c) and the exit command in jmacs (^XC) would sometime core dump. Enhancements include some internationalization improvements, syntax highlighters for M4 and joerc files, and the ability to edit sections of files larger than 4GB. This, in combination with the hex-dump display mode, allow JOE to be used as a disk editor for large hard drives.

  •  16 Nov 2001 02:36

Release Notes: Problems with word wrapping, and several small bugs were solved. Support for autoconf was added.


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A software wavetable synth.


Project Spotlight


A vte-based terminal emulator.