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Version 3.3.3 of Jodd

Release Notes: This release improves GzipFilter and gziped HTML Stapler bundles and StringTemplateParser. It fixes a Jerry issue with different modes, an HTML Stapler context issue, an issue with empty properties in PropertyUtil, FileNameUtil.getPathNoEndSeparator(), an HTML Stapler issue with relative paths to JS and CSS files, an HTML Stapler CSS Problem, and a Madvoc and Lagarto issue under Jetty.

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    •  27 Mar 2014 23:13

      Release Notes: Removes all `*AndClose()` *DbOom* methods and adds `autoClose()` mode instead. Improves `setPreparedStatementObject()` in *DbOom*. Joins a few classes to `PreparableInterceptor` in *Madvoc*. `Printf` is improved. Adds `ParsedSql` holder and removes chunks cache in *DbOom*. Adds `CollectionConverter` in the type converter tool. Adds a log in *Madvoc* when injection fails, or throws an exception. The method `hasRootProperty()` has been added to `BeanUtil`. *Madvoc* action methods can have arguments. An NPE in *Http* when the response body is `null` and when 'Content-Length' is missing has been fixed.

      •  01 Mar 2014 00:44

        No changes have been submitted for this release.

        •  20 Dec 2013 00:49

          Release Notes: Performances, improvements, and fixes. Both Lagarto and CSSelly now use a char[]-based JFLex parser. This boosts performance. Madvoc has a new type of interceptor: ActionFilter. StringBand has been optimized for more speed. FindFile include patterns now use OR logic for matching. In entity-aware mode, DbOom no longer adds nulls to the collection. JtxTransactionManager now cleans data from the thread local when the last transaction is closed. Buffers are faster.

          •  15 Oct 2013 08:24

            Release Notes: This release added fallback logic for renameTo usage in FileUtil, added an offset to every Node in Lagarto DOM, and added LagartoParserContext for the start() method in TagVisitor in Lagarto. TypeConverter#convert no longer throws a ClassCastException, but rather TypeConversionException. All array converters have been upgraded. resultTypePrefix was added for all Madvoc results. A bug in Props with preset default profiles before loading was fixed. NPEs on missing email attachment names or FROM fields were fixed. Support for non-English email attachment names was added.

            •  17 Sep 2013 23:33

              Release Notes: The Lagarto parser is more robust. Email now supports IMAP and can handle EML files and attachments. HTTP usage is easier with Browser. Jerry has the #form() method.


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              A 3D animation studio for modeling, texturing, compositing, and video editing.


              Project Spotlight


              A modest and easy-to-use editor with many useful features for HTML editing.