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  •  04 Oct 2011 21:46

Release Notes: This is the first official GA release, which is streamlined with the Jolokia agent 1.0.0 release. This release contains a changed escaping scheme for GET requests and is recommended for communication with a Jolokia 1.0.0 agent.

  •  10 Jul 2010 11:41

Release Notes: This release contains several new major features. check_jmx4perl, the JMX nagios plugin, now supports configuration files with a sophisticated syntax for inherited and parameterized checks. Multi-checks for monitoring multiple attributes with a single request are now available for check_jmx4perl. The documentation for check_jmx4perl has been vastly reworked and contains about 30 pages. The security policy file's syntax has been extended to allow wildcards. A Java client library and a readline shell, j4psh, with syntax highlighting and completion for accessing the JMX MBeans has been added.

  •  31 Mar 2010 13:00

Release Notes: This release provides two new major features. The first is a JVM agent for exporting the j4p JSON protocol via HTTP, which is usable by any Java 6 based application. Second, the Jmx4Perl READ operation was extended for MBean patterns and multiple attribute names in order to fetch multiple values with a single HTTP request. Some additional smaller features, enhanced unit and integration tests, and bugfixes complete this release.

  •  02 Mar 2010 00:37

Release Notes: This release contains an OSGi bundle (including dependencies) for exposing a JMX JSON export via a OSGi HTTP-Service. Multiple attributes for a single MBean can be now fetched at once. Minor enhancements are: improved error handling, overloaded JMX operations, and support for Resin 3.1. The experimental backport for JDK 1.4 has been dropped in this release.

  •  24 Dec 2009 13:17

Release Notes: Beside minor bugfixes, this release contains a new proxy mode where a dedicated proxy server accesses the target platform via JSR-160 JMX remoting. This allows for an agentless operation without the need of installing any extra software on the target server. Furthermore, an agent for the Mule ESB has been added.

  •  14 Nov 2009 17:26

Release Notes: This release introduces bulk requests by a minor API addition in JMX::Jmx4Perl and by allowing POST requests with JSON content in the j4p agent servlet. jmx4perl has been integration tested with Glassfish V3 Preview, Jonas 5.1, and Jetty 7.0.0 in addition to the already supported JEE application servers.

  •  31 Jul 2009 12:02

Release Notes: Besides bugfixes, this version contains some new features. Arbitrary Java Beans can be serialized to JSON and accessed from the Nagios plugin "check_jmx4perl". JSR-77 statistics information can be accessed this way. A custom agent with a policy file can be built in order to restrict access to certain MBeans and request types. "jmx4perl" now supports a "search" command for querying MBeans.

  •  28 Jun 2009 16:20

Release Notes: This release adds support for setting JMX attributes and execution of operations. It adds a new "search" command to the agent for pattern lookup. The agent supports a customizable history mode for remembering the results of previous queries. The check_jmx4perl Nagios plugin can now work with relative values too. An incremental mode allows for measuring the speed of an attribute value's growth. Websphere has been added as a supported platforms. Jmx4Perl's source is now hosted on github. There are other changes.


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