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25 Jun 2003 14:21 ernimril

Re: Great, great tool.

> One development opportunity would be a
> detailed user's guide.

For some time now there is a users guide available at

02 May 2002 19:06 modestymaster

Great, great tool.

Very nice tool, indeed!

Helped us tremendously in indentifying mem leaks and other inefficiencies. Setup was simple, and starting it is as easy as adding an option to your java invokation.

One development opportunity would be a detailed user's guide.

07 Jan 2002 23:41 acoliver2

If you are doing linux java development GET THIS
If you're on linux and doing java development get this tool. It was easy to install, its VERY useful.

My only issues is I wish the GUI were in a different thread then the JVM and I could use it in the debugger. (That would be completely awesome). At the very least a text dumping version with the gui turned off using a configurable rate would be cool too. It wouldn't hurt if it were a bit faster. All in all this project rocks. I use it on POI all the time. Its helped me optimize soo much. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


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