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  •  22 Nov 2004 12:52

Release Notes: This release adds features to the povray output dialog, deuglyfies fonts on OS X, has modified hover color and font, and has some updates for the Jmol.js library. A few bugs have been fixed, and the package structure has been cleaned.

Release Notes: This release implements a few new RasmolScript commands, introduces a hierarchical data model, is faster, and uses less memory.

  •  15 Oct 2004 14:00

Release Notes: This release fixes the 'moveTo' command.

Release Notes: This release adds support for the useful 'show orientation' and 'moveTo' commands, and fixes a number of bugs.

Release Notes: This release fixes several issues in the Jmol.js JavaScript library, especially for Macintosh Safari support. Support for color by temperature was added. Animation, vibration, and force vector support were added to the application. Reading Gaussian 03 output was improved.

Release Notes: This release added a JavaScript library for deploying the applet and fixed a number of bugs.

Release Notes: This release redesigned group handling to recognize modified residues and redefined almost all nucleic sets, protein, and backbone sets. Graphic objects now extend to the terminal atoms. Support for base platelets in nucleotide cartoons and HIN and Ghemical files was added, and support for CIF/mmCIF and MOL files was improved. Minor changes were made to force vectors, vibrations, and animations, and a few performance improvements and bugfixes were made.

Release Notes: This release improved support for Ribbons and the reading of CML and Gaussian files, and has cartoons which are more RasMol-like. It also added support for nucleotide chain graphic shapes and nucleotide chain h-bonds, and support for 'loadInline' molecular models. There were also bugfixes and a new Ghemical reader was included.

Release Notes: This release adds initial support for CML and Gaussian output files, Ribbons & Mesh rendering of protein secondary structures, and scripting support for vibrations. It also contains bugfixes and a restructured Graphics3D code.

Release Notes: This release adds support for wheel mice on JVM 1.4 and greater, Ctrl-click to bring up a popup menu on Mac OS, distance/angle/torsion measurements using double click, and reading of ShelX .res files. Occupancy factors are stored as an atom property. It also adds the ability to redirect 'echo' output to the Applet window, controllable label colors and fonts (with a command), and the browser status line is updated when an atom is picked.


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