Version 9 of Jmol

Release Notes: This release adds a license dialog, a help button in the script window, has an activated plugin manager, reads and writes HIN files, shows memory consumption in the status bar, and fixes six I/O bugs.

Other releases

  •  01 Oct 2006 04:19

Release Notes: This release fixes a lot of bugs, including a problem in which the SHELX reader did not read LATT records, a problem with the frame not unloading properly between models, a problem with quitting during pause, lcaoCartoon orientation problems, and a problem with alignment for the p orbitals for allene central carbon. It also adds a new "no display" mode, exporting of images from script, and a new command history that holds the last 100 commands from the menu, buttons, and console.

Release Notes: This release adds many new script commands, including "calculate" that has "surface" and "hbonds" arguments, setting of pickingStyle MEASURE ON/OFF, isosurface select(xxx) ignore(not xxx) sasurface, select carbohydrate, select/color surfaceDistance, set backgroundModel N, and set forceAutoBond. It has a redesigned applet console with command history and buttons, deuterium and tritium isotope support, and save/restore bonds and orientation support.

Release Notes: This release makes the Jmol scripting language go far beyond Rasmol script, adding commands like conformation [n], draw arrow|line|plane|point, getproperty, isosurface, lcaoCartoon, load "file" {i j k} spacegroup "[Hall Symbol]", mo (for molecular orbitals), polyhedra, and many, many more. It also adds support for new file formats, like argusFile, mol2, Wavefunction Odyssey, and Spartan 06.

  •  14 Apr 2006 16:28

Release Notes: This release has numerous bugfixes and many new features, among which are mmCIF, MDL v3000, and Fujitsu CAChe Chemical Structure File formats, new script commands like 'hbonds calculate' and 'stereo redGreen', rendering of polymedra and surfaces, and new translations.

  •  18 Dec 2004 03:19

Release Notes: This release introduced a true 3D graphics engine that requires no special hardware, 24-bit color with accurate lighting and shading, substantially higher rendering performance and the ability to handle large macromolecules with excellent performance, and protein/nucleic acid secondary structure graphics. RasMol/Chime script compatibility was greatly improved.


Project Spotlight


A process supervision suite and init replacement.


Project Spotlight

Barcode Writer in Pure Postscript

A generator of all major barcode formats entirely within Postscript.