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jMax is a visual programming environment for building interactive real-time musical and multimedia applications by allowing the user to interactively design dataflow circuits. The basic data types that can go through are integers, symbols, lists, etc. It is an event-driven system and has been used for MIDI processing. A second part of the system (DSP) allows a continuous signal to flow through a circuit, which is most useful for PCM sound (ie. microphone, sound files, etc.). The system is extensible by using shared libraries, you may add data processor types, data types, GUI elements, device types, and more. Data processors may also be designed as circuits and reused.

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  •  24 Mar 2003 11:07

Release Notes: Undo/Redo in patcher editor: objects delete, move, and resize are undoables, and the last action only. A User Package Path setting has been added in the project editor. There is a new Define object. Help patches have been updated. There is a new udpstream object. Udpsend and udpreceive have been updated. The track editor in the sequence package has been extended. jMax is added to the Gnome and KDE menus (only for RPM).

  •  19 Feb 2003 11:24

Release Notes: Many improvements and fixes to the configuration system were made. A C++ client library and a Python client library were added. Support for JACK was added, and support for OSS/ALSA was fixed.

  •  06 Jan 2003 04:03

Release Notes: This version includes support for the ALSA MIDI sequencer and the Jack Audio Connection Kit. Mac OS X 10.2 is now a supported platform, and FTS (the jMax server) can now run standalone without the Java GUI.


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