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  •  15 Oct 2004 01:32

Release Notes: With over 400 improvements, this release adds some highly anticipated functionality including support for multiple, customisable workflows (editable through a slick Web interface), sub-tasks, an entirely new plug-in architecture (greatly enhancing extensibility), a completely redesigned personalised dashboard, the ability to clone issues, an overhauled custom field system, and much, much more.

  •  03 Mar 2004 03:02

Release Notes: This version features superior CVS integration, an XML-RPC/ SOAP interface, stronger email integration, the ability to easily attach screenshots to issues, Confluence integration, and the ability to import issues from the bug-tracker Mantis. This release also fixes more than 110 known bugs, and adds over 70 individual improvements or new features.

  •  12 Nov 2003 04:50

Release Notes: The new features in this release included support for internationalization, customizable field management, bulk editing, and the generation of developer workload reports and group projects in specific categories.

  •  10 Sep 2003 00:51

Release Notes: This version features graphical statistics portlets, jelly scripting support, a configurable field order, and support for hidden fields. Many smaller improvements and fixes have also been implemented including anonymous email support, improvements to the Dashboard, Excel view, and email notifications, WebLogic 7.0 support, better wildcard searching support, and improved LDAP support.

  •  20 Jun 2003 01:48

Release Notes: This release contains new features including due date scheduling, time tracking reports, improved issue linking, and more flexible dashboard configuration.

  •  13 Sep 2002 00:04

Release Notes: Many cool new features including dynamic issue linking, customisable issue types, resolutions and priorities, basic CVS integration, and i18n support.

Release Notes: This release includes many new features, including fully customisable issue linking, customisable issue types, priorities and resolutions, greater CVS and email integration, internationalisation, and a configurable look and feel.

  •  25 Jul 2002 00:37

Release Notes: This release includes lots of usability improvements, personal bug browsing history, Excel integration, RSS/XML filter views, REST API, and more graphical progress bars.

  •  12 Jul 2002 04:29

Release Notes: There were fixes to a few minor UI bugs reported by users. The Standalone version (which includes JBoss 3) now has the correct URL for JIRA.

  •  11 Jul 2002 01:49

Release Notes: New features in this version include full text searching and indexing, automatic logins, persistent filters, time tracking and work logging, and much more. There is broadened server support so that JIRA now runs on Resin, JBoss 3, and Jetty. There is also a new JIRA standalone version which comes bundled with JBoss3 and runs out of the box.


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