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Jiplet Container (Java SIP Servlet) is a servlet-like development and runtime environment for SIP applications. The SIP protocol is widely used for voice services over IP networks. This product enables developers to create server-side SIP applications using a component-based model similar to that envisioned by the J2EE architecture. The Jiplet container runs as a standalone server as well as a JBOSS service.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Feb 2009 16:53

    Release Notes: The primary enhancement in this release is a technology upgrade to the Jiplet Admin Console: it has been ported to GWT 1.5 and refactored to use the GWTCOMP library. Additionally, the ESR (Enterprise SIP archive) deployer has been removed since JBoss 4.x can now handle Jiplet SPR and SRR archives inside an EAR, and a number of bugs were fixed. This project has reached a status of stable.

    •  24 Aug 2007 20:53

      Release Notes: The final release (version 1.2) of the NIST SIP stack Reference Implementation has been incorporated into the Jiplet Container and reference applications. The new listening point architecture has been integrated into the Jiplet Container SIP connector. One connector can now use more than one IP address for SIP messaging. Convenience methods have been added to the Jiplet class for jiplet developers to handle additional listening points and SIP providers. The Jiplet Container message proxying has been updated to work in a multi-homed environment. The software has been tested with Jboss 4.0.5.GA.

      •  03 Sep 2006 20:39

        Release Notes: The Jiplet Console (system administration user interface) has been rewritten using the Google Web Toolkit (GWT). The console now provides an easy to use interface taking full advantage of the rich user interface that GWT provides. The directory structure of the project has been refactored to divide the project into logical components with the idea that each of these components can be treated as separate projects that can be built independently. The automated tests for the project now work fully. Several bugs that were found have been fixed.

        •  16 Jul 2006 13:56

          Release Notes: The software has been tested with Jboss 4.0.4. The thread pool framework has been refactored to be more efficient and more tolerant of higher SIP message load. The reference application has been modified to work with additional and newer versions of SIP phones from various vendors. The Jiplet Console (system administration user interface) now uses a secure connection for higher security. A number of other bugs have been fixed.

          •  16 Apr 2006 22:51

            Release Notes: This release works with Java 1.5. Improvements to the Windows startup script have been made. The proxy code has been modified to handle ACK and CANCEL messages properly for a stateful proxy. Some enhancements have been made to the container managed authentication area. Many bugfixes have been made.


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