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Java iCal Group Scheduler

Java iCal Group Scheduler enables several users to get together for a meeting, by using JICAL to translate their iCalendar files into their available free/busy time and post it automatically to your Web server. This project enables Ximian Evolution desktop users to book meetings with each other (and Outlook users) via a Web server storing their 'Free/Busy' information as specified in RFC2445. It works with Evolution, Korganiser, Apple iCal, and MS Outlook (for meetings), and enhances your workgroup and personal calendar views. Shell scripts for converting to various image formats are also included.

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Recent releases

  •  02 Nov 2004 06:53

    Release Notes: The program can now read and write iCalendar files and write to databases. A photoICAL tool that reads JPGs and creates a calendar of attached photos was included along with SyslogICAL, which reads syslog for certain messages and writes out an iCal file of events. It is now unit tested for most major repeat events and basic parsing, and can also read a calendar and write it to OpenOffice spreadsheet ooCalc files.

    •  18 Jun 2004 17:41

      Release Notes: iCalendar to OpenOffice Spreadsheets: this addition takes your iCalendar data and converts it to spreadsheet data, which makes manipulation and analysis easier. This is useful for anyone using Evolution/Mozilla calendar for time sheet accounting.

      •  02 Jun 2003 08:48

        Release Notes: This release focused on the Workgroup week-at-a-glance views for your Web site. It can be used to plan your weeks and know what your co-workers are doing (except for private events). Some bugs in recurring events and Apple iCal compatibility were fixed.

        •  08 Feb 2003 05:06

          Release Notes: Gantt views can now be made from iCalendar files. Apache Batik is required for rendering graphics, and Apache FOP is used for PDF generation.

          •  09 Dec 2002 11:13

            Release Notes: This release enables users to use the calendars created in Evolution to make HTML, PDF, and XML files from the data therein. It also adds a shell script capability to JiCal so that sysadmins not familiar with Jboss can automate all processes as required with Cron or event shells around Evolution.


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