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JHeatChart is a one class Java API for generating heat map charts that was created because very few charting APIs seem to contain the facility to create heat maps. It is not a full featured charting API and cannot be used to other charts. The generated charts are created as Java Image objects, which can be incorporated into a GUI or saved to a file.

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Move to LGPL license 28 Dec 2010

JHeatChart is now available under an LGPL license, which permits use of the library within proprietary programs.

For full details of the GNU LG...

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  •  28 Dec 2010 22:28

Release Notes: This release allows settable low/high values to impose consistent colouration across set of charts. Support for transparent backgrounds has also been added.

  •  29 Jul 2010 22:28

Release Notes: This minor release includes fixes for a bug that prevented use of non-square datasets and a bug that stopped the chart title being displayed correctly.

  •  20 May 2010 00:49

    Release Notes: Chart dimensions are calculated from individual cell size. An issue with positioning the title centrally has been fixed, and support has been added for both horizontal and vertical axis values. This version is not backwards compatible.


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