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  •  03 Feb 2009 18:31

Release Notes: This release adds the Mona Lisa painting problem (GA and GP version). It adds some unit tests. CommandGene and ProgramChromosome have support for dynamization of the arity of nodes. GPConfiguration has a parameter for dynamization of nodes' arities. GPPopulation has enhanced creation of new programs. ProgramChromosome and CommandGene have new versions of the method ensureUniqueness. ProgramChromosome and GPProgram have the interface IBusinessKey (method getBusinessKey). GP-command terminal now supports primitive class types. A bug in ForLoop.clone has been fixed.

  •  07 Dec 2008 16:39

Release Notes: Greatly extended GP documentation. 12 new GP functions. Improved error handling in JGAPClientGP. Strongly improved grid computing functionality. A painted desert example (package SystemKit.printHelp(..) has been added. DefaultClientFeedback has been introduced. A bug in NumberKit.niceDecimalNumber, a bug in GP terminal False, and a bug in ColtRandomGenerator.nextInt() have been fixed. Test cases have been added.

  •  09 May 2008 10:28

Release Notes: The evolution cycle has been revamped and simplified for a better understanding. There are many smaller enhancements and architectural improvements, as well as some bugfixes. The MinimizingMakeChange example was simplified. Grid computing was improved. There are Javadoc enhancements and new JUnit tests.

  •  13 Dec 2007 04:48

Release Notes: This release introduced mutation of Genetic Programming commands, uses the XStream library for serialization issues, uses trove4J as a fast and consistent map replacement, integrated Robocode 1.5, and added cloning capabilities to many RobocodeJGAP commands. The fitness value of an original chromosome is set to clone when cloning the chromosome. Coning of application data in genes was enabled. The IComplexCommand class was made serializable. The output of generation number in GPGenotype.evolve() was fixed. All auxiliary test classes were renamed from xxxForTest to xxxForTesting.

  •  11 Nov 2007 14:01

Release Notes: Robocode 1.4.8 has been integrated. GP capabilities have been enhanced. Several bugs have been fixed. Logging of GP information has been enhanced. Javadoc has been enhanced. Some unit tests have been added.

  •  12 Sep 2007 14:26

Release Notes: Enhanced GP evolution: the prototype program is always recognized in the first evolution round. IPopulationCreator and DefaultPopulationCreator have been added, which allow for presetting the GP population at start-up. IProgramCreator and DefaultProgramCreator have been added, and enable sophisticated custom initialization of GP programs (IGPProgram). A convenient constructor has been added to ProgramChromosome.

  •  23 Jun 2007 19:05

Release Notes: JGAP was ported from Java 1.4 to Java 5. The architecture BaseChromosome and Chromosome was enhanced a lot. A breeder was introduced to simplify evolution outside or without Genotype --> grid. Grid logic was enhanced a lot. GP program generation was enhanced a lot. The evolution loop was enhanced. The speed of UTF-8 encoding was improved. CachedFitnessFunction was introduced. GPConfiguration was enabled for grid computing. ADF support in Genetic Programming was improved.

  •  13 Feb 2007 16:35

Release Notes: The grid logic and GP program generation have been enhanced a lot. The GP function ExchangeMemory and others have been added. GP program caching has been added to speed up evolution. GP TournamentSelector has been added. The static attribute has been removed from get/setGPConfiguration in the class GPGenotype. Matrixed memory has been added to the class Culture. Some bugs have been fixed. Unit tests have been added. Javadocs have been improved a lot, and some spelling errors have been fixed.

  •  03 Jan 2007 10:32

Release Notes: This is a quality improvement release. It considers multiple user feedback by consolidating the grid functionality, fixing several bugs, introducing a lot of new unit tests, and enhancing the logic of many classes.

  •  24 Sep 2006 11:42

Release Notes: This release adds examples for grid computing and multithreaded evolution. It has enhanced deserialization of Configuration and random generators. The architecture has been improved regarding configuration objects. A unique ID has been introduced to the Configuration class to practically allow multiple instanced within the same thread. The performance of GP logic has been improved. has been added to allow constraining creation of individuals during evolution. The Fibonacci example has been enhanced with INodeValidator. An Ant Trail example (GP) has been added. A bug with BranchTypingCross has been fixed.


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