Version 2.0 of JGame

Release Notes: The main addition in this release is support for scrolling. There are new methods for handling the playfield and view separately. JGObject has a suspend feature. All draw methods can now be used relative to both the playfield and view, and now take float coordinates. Scrolling is illustrated by a new game, Space Run III, and a scrolling version of Dungeons of Hack.

Other releases

Release Notes: A patched version of JBox2D, optimized and made J2ME compatible, has been included. Two new games were added, including a physics game. The make scripts now use Ant and are fully portable. Keyboard support and persistent store API for Android were added. Various bugfixes and minor feature enhancements were made.

  •  26 Apr 2011 20:58

    Release Notes: Support for the Android platform was added, including new methods isAndroid and methods for reading the accelerometer. Ogrotron and Caverns of Fire were improved and redesigned for Android. A retrigger bug in disable/enableAudio was fixed. A new method invokeUrl was added. Centering and scaling for the JRE and JOGL platforms were improved. The load progress bar was lowered to be more splash screen friendly. Other minor changes were made.

    Release Notes: Touch screen and sound support were added to MIDP. A new API for saving game information to a persistent store was added. A script for generating a minimal game skeleton was created. A game window can now be embedded in any window using initEngineComponent. A new method defineImageRotated now enables pre-rotated images. Some support for level select screens was added. Image loading was improved: images can now be loaded from files and URLs. Bugfixes include fixes in drawPolygon, MIDPImage.scale, setBGImage, setPFWrap, frame skipping, and applet cleanup after exit.

    •  11 Mar 2008 01:34

    Release Notes: The OpenGL engine has been improved: it now works without non-power of two extensions, a number of bugs were fixed, and multilayer parallax scrolling and view rotate/zoom were added. A new OpenGL game, Dingbat Attack, was added.

    •  16 Feb 2008 16:23

    Release Notes: OpenGL (JOGL) support has been added. OpenGL enhancements include shaded polygons, alpha blending, and real-time scaled and rotated sprites. Also included is video-synchronized variable frame rate support. A new game, Ogrotron, has been added.


    Project Spotlight


    A compression library for lzip files


    Project Spotlight


    A Java Quartz scheduler management and monitoring UI/tool.