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  •  26 Sep 2013 19:05

    Release Notes: This release adds a new, better installer and some minor bugfixes.

    •  13 May 2012 20:18

      Release Notes: A new graphical interface. It's now possible to organize conversation in tabs. New preferences can be edited.

      •  29 Jan 2012 20:44

        Release Notes: There is a new chat graphical interface and the user avatar is now displayed in the main frame.

        •  02 Jul 2011 20:30

        Release Notes: A major bug in the friend list was fixed. Now the contact status is shown in the chat frame. A notification frame appears when a contact gets online. An icon now appears when a user is typing a message.

        •  19 May 2011 15:16

        Release Notes: Many GUI problems were fixed in the chatframe and in the LoginPanel. The aspect was also improved some in details. An "Edit" menu on the chatframe was added. The core was improved, so now the connection to the server is faster. A critical bug was fixed in the contact list.

        •  30 Mar 2011 12:50

        Release Notes: This is a stable release. Groups and avatars are now supported. GUI improvements were made in the chat window and in the contact list. Audio notifications are now supported. Bugs were fixed. The core was improved. The user is now able to edit some options.

        •  14 Mar 2011 15:11

        Release Notes: Group and avatar features were added. The possibility to change some options was added. Code organization was improved. Some GUI improvements were made. Critical bugs were fixed and the core was improved, making the program faster. A setup program is now availalbe for Windows.

        •  27 Feb 2011 13:38

          Release Notes: Code organization and GUI improvements were done. Minor bugs were fixed. Debian package support was added.

          •  22 Feb 2011 05:43

          Release Notes: Many bugs were fixed and the code was improved, making it more clean and readable. You can now choose to save your username and password at the login frame.

          •  19 Feb 2011 08:27

            Release Notes: The GUI was improved. The contact list is now dynamic.


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