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  •  26 Sep 2006 10:07

Release Notes: Stanardized popup questions and warnings in the installers and developer/builder. Bugs in the WindowsRegistry class have been fixed.

  •  27 Jul 2006 07:19

Release Notes: A screen layout bug was fixed on large monitors when adding or changing menus. Also, getAncientShortPath() returns the long path if Windows does not support short pathnames.

  •  16 May 2006 10:55

Release Notes: A source license is now available for the pure Java JExpress Installer and Uninstaller programs. Support has been added for optional rotating billboards during an installation. The code has been cleaned up code and minor bugs fixed.

  •  22 Dec 2005 16:28

Release Notes: The uninstaller is more flexible; if the user moves the application, the uninstaller removes the product from the new location.

  •  02 Dec 2005 12:03

Release Notes: Increases the number of available file handles on Mac OS, Solaris, and other versions of Unix when installing a program and launching a Java app. A popup dialog box while preparing the wizard for the installer.

  •  22 Sep 2005 10:16

Release Notes: This release has a new look that uses professional icons in the installer, updater, and developer's tools.

  •  27 Jul 2005 09:59

Release Notes: Substantially increased speed of multiple installers (e.g. an installer created with 6.9 - 6.9.4 took 11:39 minutes; the same installer created with 6.9.5 took 40 seconds to install the same files). Security has been improved for multi-type installers by limiting the files extracted into the temporary directory to those selected by the user. Mac OS X users, like Windows and Linux users, can now access context sensitive help while running JExpress.

  •  18 May 2005 08:58

Release Notes: An example to autostart a menu item on Windows, Mac, and KDE has been included. A workaround was added for a bug in JVM 1.4.1 or earlier that incorrectly set the focus to the button in a JComboBox instead of the associate text field and other minor enhancements.

  •  18 May 2005 04:08

Release Notes: This release significantly improves finding data files in the installer's distribution files and includes other minor bugfixes.

  •  18 May 2005 04:05

Release Notes: This release improves the algorithm to extract files and includes other minor bugfixes.


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