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Jetrix is a TetriNET server designed for maximum scalability, extensibility, and ease of use. It features a Web-based administration console and a simple API to let developers add custom commands or change the channels' behavior with little knowledge of the server's inner functioning. The ambitious goal of this project is to create the ideal platform for TetriNET programmers.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Aug 2008 15:39

    Release Notes: A bug was fixed in the mode 4 (25% pure) of the #custom channel that was causing a crash in the classic tnet 1.13 client. The address of the server is now published to instead of,, and

    •  26 Aug 2008 15:33

      Release Notes: A bug preventing clients from connecting on a server with a default charset different from ISO-8859-1 was fixed. The configuration is no longer broken by a "&" character in the description of a channel.

      •  26 Aug 2008 15:33

        Release Notes: A bug preventing the configuration files from being saved if the server was installed in a path containing a space character was fixed. Running Jetrix with jetrix.exe no longer saturates the CPU. A bug preventing the execution of several query commands with the same connection was fixed. This made the server unlistable on The Shutdown button on the server administration page was fixed.

        •  18 Jan 2005 19:13

          Release Notes: This release includes many new features. On the player side there is now a sudden death mode, the ability to create channels, a new channel with custom settings, support for idle channels, and a better BPM counter. On the administrator side, the Web administration console is now mostly functional, changes in the configuration are saved to the disk, ghost connections are now automatically removed, and the server IP is automatically published on the server lists at and For developers, writing a command is now easier and a new service API allows you to run background tasks.

          •  07 Jun 2004 11:14

            Release Notes: An improved TetriNET protocol (version 1.14) was implemented, which enables the synchronization of the pieces so that all players can get the same sequence of pieces. A modified client is required to enjoy this new feature. The query protocol was fixed, tspec clients can now speak on channels, a Spanish translation was added, the new score and rank of the winner is displayed at the end of the game, and much more. The Web admin was improved, and it is now possible to change basic server and channel settings in addition to observing the games.


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