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Jellybean is a Perl Object server that allows people to write custom applications following a simple interface and framework. It's conceptually similar to Zope, but has peer communication potential. It has its own tiny Web server which serves static pages, CGIs, or transforms URIs into method calls on objects, and allows users to create their own behavior.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Jun 2001 08:15

    Release Notes: Server now can listen on multiple ports. Added Request Objects to abstract away type of request. Improved installer, error handling, and documentation. Added AdminCore to make administrative interface creation possible. Several small bugfixes, including documentation, and CGI handling.

    •  12 Apr 2001 02:49

      Release Notes: A new Jellybean Wiki object, minor enhancements, and bugfixes.

      •  19 Feb 2001 06:13

        Release Notes: Major new features, including improved snippet handling, many bugfixes, better documentation, a new templating and typing system, improved pre- and post-manglers, new test suite, and more.

        •  31 Dec 2000 22:57

          Release Notes: New snippet-handling code that allows users to create their own compiled object methods at run time, many bugfixes, much more documentation, a simple HTTP daemon (low memory, high speed, some RFC compliance), improved custom CGI object (low memory, high speed, good compliance), improved manglers, and HTTP Authentication support for administrative use.

          •  16 Nov 2000 05:17

            Release Notes: This interim version adds support for library objects, data synchronization between servers, object data persistence, cookies, CGI data handling, documentation, various bugfixes, and can run simple Apache/mod_perl applications.


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