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10 Dec 2010 14:48 jeffcovey

@UR6LAD So why didn't you click the "Submit a release" link right next to this?

10 Dec 2010 09:16 UR6LAD

4.4 is released today.

26 Jun 2008 17:46 jorpheus


As far as Java text editors go, this is the best of the three I've tried, and as far as text editors in general go, this is on par with the best I've tried. Wish it was a bit lighter, but then again, it isn't for quick edits anyway, so no problem there. A really great editor!

09 May 2007 13:32 thomp

jedit is a winner
Thanks for making the world a bit better... I use jedit for nearly every editing task at hand apart from quick edits (nano or vi) or coding in lisp (emacs). I don't think I've ever come up short when looking for a feature I needed (excluding IDE capabilities for lisp...) in jedit - syntax highlighting, versatile buffer features, screen splitting, the 'hypersearch' feature, ... it all seems to be there. Thanks to the developers for a great job!

And... as noted before... at least C-x C-s saves your file and doesn't botch things up...

27 Mar 2005 13:24 rndea

Thanks for creating and editor so smooth

What a good example for how an excellent software behavior and design increases productivity!

It's so smooth!

It's the best editor that I can work with where ever I am: Windows, Mac & Linux.

To all the developers I send my high appreciations and my fullest support.

Praises to the power of Open Source & free software - we desreve it and we can acheive it!

Thank you guys!

27 Oct 2004 06:35 dead_cellphone

A great text editor
jEdit and its FTP plugin, which handles SFTP perfectly, was exactly what I was looking for. Well done guys.

12 Jul 2004 11:28 brantgurga

Light but Powerful
jEdit is quite a powerful but light editor as is. However, it gives the user the power to make jEdit into a powerful IDE with its plugins. It also has an amazingly powerful macro system available.

25 May 2004 01:50 tj_willis

Re: Still no Emacs bindings?

> I can't strongly second the desire for

> Emacs key bindings enough. After 20

> years of Emacs my fingers can't speak

> anything else. I keep checking back with

> the JEdit site every six months or so

> but I'm loosing hope. :-(

Hey, C-x C-s saves the document and doesn't do anything bad. That's better than vim, which I always freeze that way. :)

JEdit is head-and-shoulders above any XML editor I've tried. I'd love to say I used it for Java, but most of the plugins haven't caught up with JDK1.5 yet. The core for the latest release (pre13) seems to work fine with JDK1.5. I'm salivating at the prospect of checkstyling and jalopying my 1.5 code.

(Hey C-x C-s isn't submitting this form!?! I'm gonna go complain at the mozilla site. :)

01 Apr 2004 07:44 flim

Simply perfect
A big thank you to everybody developing jEdit. I've been looking for an editor that is able to handle ftp directly for ages now, and I never found one that could do the job perfectly. Homesite on windows was pretty convinient long time ago (I don't know about the current state as I'm no longer using windows), but it's ftp functionallity was broken. Same goes for Zend Studio - I've tried every single release and additionally have been chasing them up to get an answer about the misbehavior of their ftp implementation.

I started to use lufs (mounting ssh filesystems) time before to get around this ftp problems and suddenly discovered jEdit. Jesus, besides ftp one of the plugins even manages SFTP! Thats beyond my dreams and I simply love it. I've started switching of ftpd on a couple of servers already;-)

I haven't tried to use it for java yet - I'm loving eclipse for that language, but it's doing a perfect job on every single scripting language I'm using for administrative work.



26 Mar 2004 10:13 morelli

Re: Still no Emacs bindings?

Emacs keybindings (along with some other simple emacs
emulation) is a simple and no-brain obvious need for a programmers editor. Just about every emacs user who
tries jedit is going to wonder the same thing. How is it
that it's still not there? Open source software ... sigh.

If someone indicates roughly what needs to be done,
I'll try to do it myself.


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