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Jed is a powerful editor, terminal and X11 interface. Color syntax highlighting is one of its strong suits, along with emulation of GNU Emacs, Wordstar, EDT and Brief. It also supports use of GPM on Linux consoles. Jed has a multitude of programming modes and couples with the Slang library for powerful extensions.


Recent releases

  •  06 Jul 2003 04:42

    Release Notes: Lots of bugfixes and new features were added in this version.

    •  05 Jun 2001 06:51

      Release Notes: Xjed no longer crashes in ide and wordstar modes, QNX enhancements, updated IDE, Docbook and RCS modes, new unset_ctrl_keys function, fixes for possible buffer overflows, support for wheel mouse, filename completion in ashell mode and bug fixes.

      •  21 Feb 2001 17:19

        Release Notes: Numerous minor fixes were made.

        •  29 Oct 2000 05:03

          Release Notes: This release includes some minor bugfixes and feature additions.

          •  30 May 2000 13:07

            Release Notes: Compiler interface has been simplified, TeX mode improved, new intrinsics, Emacs lock emulation, and new hooks added.

            Recent comments

            22 Jan 2003 06:55 scobie

            A really nice small editor

            I'm so very satisfied with this editor, for a very long time I've been looking for an editor that would be a good replacement for (g)Vi(m)/emacs that is small and not so bloated.

            Since I have no need for 1000+ keybindings, mail-, newsreader, browser or similar. As long as I have formatting, highlights and the ability to "cut and paste" I am satisfied.

            Jed fulfills all my need for that I need of an editor.

            The only drawback that I've found is lack of documentation...

            13 Mar 2000 17:24 progress

            jed gives you rgrep
            Note, installing jed (and possibly also slang) gives you rgrep, a great tool for finding strings inside of all files in a directory tree.

            04 Mar 2000 11:29 miahrogers

            my choice editor.
            I like jed because it gives me much of the functionality, and macros from emacs, but without draining my computer. It even runs very well on my 486 laptop(always a plus). And it makes it much easier for me to find bugs by coloring my code for me.

            22 Feb 2000 12:46 katsumi

            I have been searching for a great console-mode editor for a while now, and I came accross JED recently and was *VERY* surprised!! It has a lot of the functionality of Emacs, but is much faster and lighter. It has syntax recognition and coloring and also formatting that works really well.
            Overall I think this is the best text-mode editor I have ever used!

            03 Jan 2000 15:28 hford

            a brief longing...
            remember back in the days - you had your DOS machine, you got your brief, you're processing tables and rows of data -- the likes of which had not been seen nay a year before... well say you've still got your msdos machine... with brief... and you're chugging along at the speed of pudding.

            "wouldn't it be great," you ask yourself, "if I could run brief on my linux machine? maybe even while dialed in from home!"

            "it sure would," I reply, "but jed only has brief emulation in the dos version...(dot dot dot)"

            I would solely use jed if it had brief emulation under unix... i swear :)


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