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Jease is a Java-based CMS. Jease means "Java with Ease", so Jease promises to keep simple things simple and hard things (j)easy. It is easy to install: all you need is Java, and you are up and running in a minute. It has a user-friendly desktop-like interface with full AJAX support. It is easy to extend: develop your designs or content types with just a few lines of Java and HTML.

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  •  24 Jan 2012 08:06

    Release Notes: Page to PDF conversion, improved security, better support for multi-language sites, and automatic removal of temporary files.

    •  01 Aug 2011 13:00

      Release Notes: This release brings a Timer to perform periodic tasks based on dynamically compiled Java code, usability improvements, more configuration options, and several important bug fixes.

      •  04 Jul 2011 11:45

        Release Notes: This version features multi-domain hosting, a new media player, an improved link checker, a content customizer, and improved usability.

        •  02 Jun 2011 13:19

        Release Notes: The main new feature in this release is the "Document" content type, which allows various binary document formats like PDF, Word, and OpenOffice to be indexed for full text search. The conversion is done via the Apache Tika library. As a nice side effect, a plain text preview of a Document is also provided.

        •  27 Apr 2011 08:00

          Release Notes: Relocation is now transparent, helping to avoid broken links when renaming or moving content. You no longer need to save your work before seeing a preview. The new "select mode" can be used to drag and drop several content objects at once. A link checker was added to find broken links to external sites automatically. A redirection service lets you create complex redirect rules through the CMS. A translation service was implemented with translations for Chinese, German, English, Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Russian.

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          09 Apr 2011 13:53 binke4711 Thumbs up

          Cool compact CMS! Jease is easy to installl and easy to use. It is rock stable and the
          performance is amazing.


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