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  •  15 Jan 2012 22:16

Release Notes: Build, dist, and release build targets were improved. Minor issues in the documentation were fixed.

  •  22 Nov 2011 05:28

Release Notes: Messages can now be posted from the command line. A hook was added to record entry closing from Org enabled buffers. An install target for GNU Make was added. Some undocumented functions in jdone.el were renamed. Definitions were updated to include customization information. Documentation was improved: the internal file format was described, new installation instructions were added, and links to various jdone related resources were added.

  •  17 Nov 2011 14:25

Release Notes: Bugs in jdone.el and jdone-cgi-simple.bash were fixed. Documentation and the build script were improved.


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An advanced Wiki engine.


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An XML database and XQuery processor.