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JChessBoard is a chess game and PGN viewer/editor written in Java that can be connected to another JChessBoard via a direct TCP/IP connection. No Internet Chess Server is required for playing.


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  •  28 Dec 2004 00:57

Release Notes: This release fixed many bugs, especially for JDK 1.4/1.5. Some new features were implemented, including a board editor (for setting up arbitrary start positions). Network games can now be continued using the game upload. Several speed-ups and rewrites were made to the chess engine, making the program a better player.

  •  10 Aug 2002 15:19

Release Notes: The chess clock does not reset after each move when connected anymore, and the clocks for the black and the white player can be set separately.

  •  15 Jun 2002 13:08

Release Notes: Some bugfixes and improved PGN file support, including viewing and editing of variations, comments, and numerical annotation glyphs (NAG).

  •  12 Aug 2001 18:22

Release Notes: PGN file support and a chat list have been implemented. Most settings can be saved now. Colors can be changed in the config file (no GUI for that yet).

  •  05 Aug 2001 14:55

Release Notes: A browseable history list, field labels and draw/resign game functions for network games, changes to the chess clock must be confirmed by the opponent, and some bugfixes.


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