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JChemPaint is a program for drawing 2D chemical structures like those found in most chemistry textbooks.

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Release Notes: This release is a build from the latest of CDK SVN. It adds InChI support and a SMILES entering field with memory. Many bugs were fixed, and the program should be faster too.

  •  04 Mar 2006 07:03

Release Notes: This release adds a lot of usability improvements, including easier drawing of bonds, changing of the element symbol, and a much faster period table.

Release Notes: This release adds merging of atoms upon moving of atom groups, more user friendly methods to set atom symbols, rotation of atom groups, and better undo/redo. It shows an enormous performance boost.

Release Notes: This release adds a fully functional undo/redo system and fixes a number of bugs.

  •  09 Sep 2005 07:05

Release Notes: This release fixes the plugin setup and "for recent changes" in CDK, and adds the amino acid templates plugin.


Project Spotlight


A graphical frontend for the Cuneiform OCR tool.


Project Spotlight


A language that adds classes, methods, and other object oriented features to C.