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JBuzzer is an application that allows the user to map audio samples to a computer keyboard. Currently, MPEG layer 3 (MP3) and PCM (wav) samples are supported.

Operating Systems

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  •  04 May 2007 16:05

Release Notes: Severe errors that prevented JBuzzer from running with Java 1.5 have been fixed, and the windows executable generator was changed from j2exe to jsmooth.

  •  27 Sep 2004 23:30

Release Notes: This version covers untested and unreported bugs introduced by the interaction of a program shrinker and a changed serialization API. The Windows version allows adding of audio samples (again), and removed soundslots are not triggered any more by their previously assigned keybord keys.

  •  15 Sep 2004 12:31

Release Notes: A new keyboard-policy has been added that remembers the favorite keystrokes of the user (previously used) and suggests the lowest free one for new sound slots. This memory feature is preserved over several different runs of the application.

  •  02 Sep 2004 19:22

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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