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Release Notes: Handling of eBay's HTML formatting and responses was improved. Handling of non-US eBay site items was made more consistent. The Web interface is now better synchronized with the main UI. Multi-snipe handling was improved, and multiple currencies are now allowed (though discouraged) in them. Several lengthy operations were moved to background handling. Mac OS integration was improved. Many bugs were fixed.

  •  10 Oct 2006 09:44

Release Notes: Remembering of screen position and size was fixed. Sorting now defaults to single-column sorting, with optional secondary sorting. Thumbnails are now resized if they're over a certain size. A 'Snipe Amount + Shipping' column was added. Right-click behavior on unselected lines was modified. Several start-up and shut-down freezes and crashes, multi-monitor issues, and tab and column display issues were fixed. Many small UI improvements and bugfixes were introduced. The re-login rate was reduced. Pending eBay layout changes were worked around.

  •  16 Mar 2003 08:16

Release Notes: Due to a recent eBay change, synchronizing with 'My eBay' was broken, and is now fixed in this version. Several other more minor bugs were fixed, and the UI was improved in many ways. eBay Motors items now show their title as well as the make:model of the vehicle. There is now a simple option to sum prices for items, as well as a very nice option to 'View in Browser' multiple auctions, and step through them using the internal Web server. The internal Web server has been improved substantially. Support for the New Taiwanese Dollar was added, and other currency support was improved. eBay Spain is now supported.


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