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  •  08 Jan 2006 16:38

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release. Preliminary support for external schema binding files has been added.

  •  16 Jul 2003 21:34

Release Notes: Bugfixes in the EntityBean class writers handling of composed primary keys, and one more workaround for Oracle's strange idea of JDBC metadata.

  •  04 Jul 2003 00:26

Release Notes: This version features bugfixes in the validation of attributes and simple elements, and portability fixes in the CLOB handling on Oracle databases.

  •  29 Apr 2003 04:09

Release Notes: Bugfixes were made to LOB handling.

  •  27 Mar 2003 19:08

Release Notes: This release fixes the handling of jm:extension, which allows you to implement xs:extension with Java subclasses.

  •  19 Feb 2003 14:57

Release Notes: The system ID is now properly set when creating an InputSource from a file or URL.

  •  17 Dec 2002 14:01

Release Notes: Invalidity in the generated comments at the top of a Java source files in some cases was fixed.

  •  29 Nov 2002 06:41

Release Notes: This release fixes problems in date/time handling that could occur in a multithreaded environment and handling of the "formatClass" attribute in the "rbFormatted" type.

  •  31 Oct 2002 04:24

Release Notes: Parselets now recognize the maxOccurs facet.

  •  14 Oct 2002 05:14

Release Notes: This release fixes the handling of combinations of XML Schema References and joined tables by adding a new tag jm:join. A bug in the handling of unknown elements was fixed.


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