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Jaxen is a universal XPath evaluation engine. It is currently capable of executing XPath expressions against W3C DOM, JDOM, dom4j, and XOM document trees.

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Recent releases

  •  10 Dec 2008 18:36

    Release Notes: This release fixes several bugs in XPath evaluation and cleans up the documentation. Upgrading is not urgent if you are not having problems with 1.1.1. There are no API or feature level changes.

    •  17 May 2007 18:23

      Release Notes: Assorted bugfixes, including one that affects the results of XPath expressions. Improved documentation.

      •  03 Jan 2007 15:59

        Release Notes: This version is believed to be fully conformant with the XPath 1.0 specification. Numerous bugs have been fixed since version 1.0 several years ago. If anyone is still using version 1.0, please upgrade at your earliest convenience.

        •  12 Apr 2006 21:01

          Release Notes: This release fixes an assortment of small issues. Most importantly, it cleans up the license, which was a little contradictory and confused. (Not all files had the same license.) The entire package is now released under the modified BSD license (no advertising clause). Despite the "beta" designation, this release has far fewer bugs and is much more compliant with the XPath specification than the official 1.0 release. If you're using 1.0, you should upgrade.

          •  26 Sep 2005 14:52

            Release Notes: The JavaDoc was expanded. Various parts of the code base were cleaned up and optimized. A couple of areas where Jaxen wasn't correctly implementing the XPath specification were addressed. It is now a little easier not to include the Jaxen extension functions if you don't want to.


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