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javaXUL provides a simple to use XUL implementation, including CSS and JavaScript capabilities, for use in Java projects. Some uses include the embedding of an XUL stack in a Java browser and using XUL as a UI language in Java applications, including the ability to communicate with Java. It is not intended to compete with much more complete RIA offerings such as Flash, Silverlight, or javaFX. Instead it tries to leverage the expressivity of XUL in the Java development area. Compatibility with Mozilla XUL (such as the Firefox implementation) is a goal.

Operating Systems

Last announcement

Version 0.3 Beta 1 released 17 Oct 2010 23:01

Add Groovy and Ruby examples to the samples. Groovy is operational, but Ruby still need some work. Warning: the home of the project has moved to sourceforge here:

Recent releases

  •  24 Nov 2010 00:45

    Release Notes: This version allows to call any Java class easily from the Scripts, and any Scripts from Java classes.

    •  09 Nov 2010 23:46

      Release Notes: This version changes the signature of the inti() method for the Script interface, which now returns the Script Object that results from the creation of the Script. It also allows you to set the Script line in Undefined Script Exceptions, and it tries harder to retrieve the position of exceptions resulting from Scripts.

      •  05 Nov 2010 02:24

        Release Notes: A lot of bugs were fixed in the scripting engine. Compared to the 0.4 beta 1 version, only an unused class was removed.

        •  03 Nov 2010 03:18

          Release Notes: This version fixes a lot of bugs in the scripting engine.

          •  24 Oct 2010 18:51

            Release Notes: This is the finalization of the 0.3 release. It allows you to use more than one script language on the platform. Groovy is supported, as well as Beanshell. Additionally, some methods have been added to give more flexibility to users.


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