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JavascriptRRD is a JavaScript library for reading Round Robin Database (RRD) archives (produced by rrdtool) using AJAX-like techniques. The library also provides graphing classes leveraging the Flot library.

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Release Notes: This version provides only one improvement: it fixes the code to work with IE11 as well.

  •  08 Nov 2013 23:16

Release Notes: The major change from the 0.6.X series is the addition of the Async helper classes and bundled include files, which make Web page creation much easier. There are several other minor improvements, too.

Release Notes: Two minor bugs were fixed: the graph_options in rrdFlot now finally work as they should, and the default timezone value is now correct; the sign was wrong in 0.6.2.

Release Notes: The major new features are support for mix align RRD files and naked graphs. Handling of timezones was also improved. Version 0.6.1 also added support for tooltips.

  •  10 Jun 2011 05:01

Release Notes: Several options were added to rrdFlot. Many new filters are supported.


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