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Java Supplements is a free library of utility classes which extends and enhances the functionality of the classes provided by the normal Java API. It provides robust and reliable code for doing many of the tasks which Java developers commonly find themselves writing code for again and again, such as catching InterruptedExceptions on Thread.sleep() calls or reading files into a byte array.

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Recent releases

  •  23 Jun 2005 01:44

    Release Notes: This release adds StringInputStream and StringOutputStream. It adds more Bit manipulation methods. Some javadoc issues have been cleaned up.

    •  15 Apr 2005 23:07

      Release Notes: This release cleans up a lot of the code and fully maven-izes the build process. It also adds new functionality for manipulating strings, files, and objects.

      •  28 Dec 2003 03:02

        Release Notes: This release adds deltree() and moveDir() methods to the Files object and unit tests for LRUCache. It fixes some bugs with moving a directory with the Files.move() method and an error in LRUCache that was preventing removal of the eldest entries due to an invalid method signature.

        •  22 Dec 2003 04:12

          Release Notes: This release adds a javas.beans package with ListDelegateBean for making Lists more JavaBean-friendly, a javas.xml package with XML-related utilities, enhanced error handling in ServletContexts.getFileFromWar(), Commons Logging to replace the JavaLogging code, initial maven build integration, a modified eclipse .classpath file which refers to variables for junit and servlet jars instead of hardcoded paths, fixes for some formatting issues, and wrapping of all code/comments to 80 chars.

          •  20 May 2003 05:47

            Release Notes: This version adds the ability to throw Exceptions to the UnifiedHttpServlet and adds methods for handling fast generation of random numbers in a multi-threaded context.


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