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Java+ is a Java preprocessor that adds its features to any Java compiler. It has long, multi-line strings with executable inclusions like Perl or Ruby, optionally segregates Java+ strings into ResourceBundle files, eliminates the need for JSP or ASP and their implied need for Java compilers on deployment servers (a security concern), and adds absolutely no overhead in either space or time. There are graphical and command line interfaces, and a simple, general, and recursive string syntax.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  04 Jun 2003 04:33

    Release Notes: Java+ now manages the entire compile process from sources to binary such that non-Java resource files can be maintained in the same directory with Java source files. The Ant, Make, and GUI interfaces were extensively reworked to be consistent with the new file handling strategy.

    •  13 Jan 2003 17:04

      Release Notes: A shell interface bug that was causing generated files to be stored incorrectly, due to inconsistencies in handling srcDir/srcSuffix specifications across the three interfaces, was fixed. The compiler was switched from javac to jikes 1.1.8.

      •  09 Jan 2003 15:24

        Release Notes: Support for building in ant and make was added. The dependence on Apple's Help Viewer was eliminated by launching help pages in the user's default browser. The documentation was reogranized. An interim build.xml for building Java+ in ant was added, but was not completely tested.

        •  04 Jan 2003 17:14

          Release Notes: This release implements invariant keys for localized strings based on user requests. Bundle keys are now computed as the hash of the string contents, with collisions handled by appending a period and a unique number. Digraph characters can now be changed if desired. This version is released as 1.0 since all anticipated features are in place and only bugfixes are expected from here on.

          •  01 Jan 2003 15:55

            Release Notes: Localization is now entirely automatic, thanks to new logic that recognizes the first class declaration in each file and creates a ResourceBundle declaration there when the bundle option is set. Logic was added to recognize Java comments explicitly rather than just processing it as Java code. A scripts directory with a simple javaplus script for launching Java+ on other Unix platforms was added. All features have been on MacOS X and Linux. MD5 checksums were added.


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