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Java Napster

JNapster is a Napster client implemented in Java. It allows you to download MP3s over the Internet. It provides a GUI similar to that of the Napster Windows client and has some handy features the original doesn't have: It gets server lists directly from and logs you into as many Napster servers as you want, which you can query in parallel.

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Recent releases

  •  04 Aug 2000 00:39

    Release Notes: Some simple download management was added. Automatic recognition of "Remotely Queued" downloads was added. "Check Availability" now measures reply times [ping] even for firewalled songs. Formatting and layout in the transfer tab was improved. The size of the tables now adjusts automatically when resizing JNapster. The ability to select many songs and download or abort all of them was added. The "directory preferences not saved" bug was fixed. Major restructuring of the code was done to improve future extensibility.

    •  18 Jul 2000 21:07

      Release Notes: SOCKS 4 Proxy support was added. The feedback dialog was made multithreaded so that JNapster remains responsive while sending data.

      •  14 Jul 2000 17:38

        Release Notes: Fixes for a little bug that made it unable for you to get search results from servers and a bug that caused troubles with JRE 1.2 in Win 98 environments (panels weren't displayed properly), and a new feature: while MP3s are getting downloaded they have the suffix .jna. As soon as they are complete, they are renamed to .mp3 again. This helps quite a lot to distinguish between good and broken downloads.

        •  09 Jul 2000 20:44

          Release Notes: Ability to ask for a list of Napster servers, pinging the Napster servers to determine which of them are really working and how fast they answer, ability to sort the search results, display of transfer speeds (KB/s) and how much time the downloads will still take approximately, a new feedback form, plus the possibility to read the FAQ through the help menu, checking for a new version of itself (after asking for your permission to do so), the server/chat/search/transfer tabs remember their state, some little bugfixes, and deprecated methods are no longer used.

          •  06 Jun 2000 12:24

            Release Notes: This version connects to multiple Napster servers now, querying them in parallel. It supports "reverse" (firewalled) downloading. Filters were added for maximum bitrate results. Minor bugfixes.


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