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Java Email Server

Java Email Server is a SMTP and POP3 email server written in Java.

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Recent releases

  •  03 Feb 2008 00:11

    Release Notes: An issue introduced in version 1.5 that caused issues with DNS lookups when using a non-default SMTP server was resolved. Additional cleanup changes were also made to script and configuration files.

    •  19 Nov 2007 00:58

      Release Notes: The server adds a From: address if the message is received without one ( The server would previously accept these messages but throw errors when it tried to deliver them: "Unable to parse the address from the stored file." Socket timeout has been added to SMTP processor sockets. This may address issues with threads getting hung in calls.

      •  15 Jul 2004 03:38

        Release Notes: The option to limit the maximum size for incoming messages was added. The configuration parameter is in megabytes (2^10) and defaults to 5. The ability to specify a port number for the outgoing (default) SMPT servers was added. A new configuration option was added to allow relaying based on the "from" email address.

        •  13 Feb 2004 06:47

          Release Notes: This version implements an improved back-off algorithm for failed delivery and a 'dead letter' folder for messages that can not be delivered after a user defined number of retries. Other minor error handling improvements were also implemented.

          •  25 Nov 2003 06:40

            Release Notes: This version fixes a major bug with the forward addresses feature, fixes how the socket listener binds to 'all' local addresses, and adds a new SMTP header for local email, which is useful when using a default mailbox.


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