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Release Notes: The new augmented-reality UI is usable and can load and save its screen layout to and from an XML-file for easy experimentation with other layouts. It is fast, good looking, and clean. Work has been started to make it scriptable and to integrate the functionality of ARToolkit, but this is not in CVS yet.

Release Notes: The feature freeze is lifted now as the project has become more stable than ever before. The install program can parse Mozilla configuration files on *ix and Windows, and the Directory service can be fully configured and will detect a local LDAP server in the installer. You can now select package preselections from "Hacker", "Salesperson", and "Manager" with packages likely to be needed on the road. All the important parts and the new online help have translations for German, and all representations were tested for usability on touch screens.

Release Notes: This release features stabilized code, a new scheduler with full VCAL support, new online help, a better installer, and more Debian packages.

Release Notes: Creating the proxies in VerySimpleService automatically with Java ByteCode instead of javac now works.

Release Notes: A new Make-system using ant.


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