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  •  02 Dec 2012 18:44

    Release Notes: This release provides mostly performance optimizations, small improvements, and fixes. The optimizations include combined methods for polynomials like scaleSubtractMultiple(b, g, a, e, S) to compute the expression "b x^g this - a x^e S" in one rush. There is now a first version of a JAS Android App. The app uses its JRuby scripting interface and runs within the Ruby IRB Android app Ruboto.

    •  03 Nov 2012 09:55

    Release Notes: This release contains new distributed Gröbner base algorithms based on MPI as communication middle-ware. The implementation uses the MPJ (MPI Java) API and can be run with either MPJ Express or FastMPJ. The implementing classes are GroebnerBaseDistributedMPJ for the pure distributed version, and GroebnerBaseDistributedHybridMPJ for the distributed and multi-threaded version.

    •  03 Oct 2012 21:14

      Release Notes: This release contains new parts for free non-commutative Gröbner base computation and polynomial reduction. It consists of a new interface WordGroebnerBase and new classes WordGroebnerBaseAbstract and WordGroebnerBaseSeq. The jython and jruby access to non-commutative polynomials is provided with the classes WordPolyRing and WordIdeal. Additionally, there is an improved way to select (commutative) Gröbner base algorithm implementations with the class GBAlgorithmBuilder; for example, a fraction free algorithm with optimization of the variable order.

      •  04 Sep 2012 14:24

        Release Notes: This release fixed further Findbugs issues through code refactoring. For example, Clonable was removed from the Element interface and the clone() method was renamed to copy(). New parts were added for computation in free non-commutative associative rings, with the GenWordPolynomial and GenWordPolynomialRing classes.

        •  04 Aug 2012 10:22

          Release Notes: This release fixed almost all high and many medium priority Findbugs warnings.

          •  15 Jul 2012 22:08

            Release Notes: This release adds more JRuby examples, bugfixes for right module Gröbner bases and multiple roots computation, and bugfixes for meaningful problems spotted by findbugs.

            •  16 Jun 2012 22:35

              Release Notes: This release improves root bounds for real root computation, adds missing methods for real root computation, fixes complex root selection of zero dimensional ideals, and adds small fixes and more missing methods.

              •  07 May 2012 23:01

                Release Notes: This release refactors and fixes algorithms for Wu-Ritt characteristic sets in the class CharacteristicSetWu. Unit tests are in CharSetTest. Jython and JRuby script access to characteristic set algorithms in methods CS(), isCS(), and csReduction(). Small fixes and improvements.

                •  18 Mar 2012 19:38

                  Release Notes: The Jython and JRuby scripting classes PolyRing are now injecting the polynomial ring variables into the top level interpreter environment by default. There is a new class GroebnerBaseFGLM to compute a Gröbner base according to the "FGLM" algorithm. It computes a Gröbner base with respect to a graded term order and then constructs the Gröbner base with respect to the requested term order via linear algebra in the residue class ring. A new launcher shell script jas. Small fixes, improvements, and a missing method implemented and in PolyUtilApp.

                  •  12 Feb 2012 19:36

                    Release Notes: Refactoring to simplify type parameters and loosen type conditions. A new package edu.jas.ufdroot to remove cyclic package dependencies again. Improved selection of factorization implementations in FactorFactory classes and better suited constructors of the factorization implementations. Small fixes and improvements.


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