Version 2.4.4148 of Java Algebra System

Release Notes: This release fixed further Findbugs issues through code refactoring. For example, Clonable was removed from the Element interface and the clone() method was renamed to copy(). New parts were added for computation in free non-commutative associative rings, with the GenWordPolynomial and GenWordPolynomialRing classes.

    Other releases

    •  04 Mar 2014 23:45

      Release Notes: This release contains small improvements in solvable polynomial common divisor computation. Now, more cases are working, and there is a new method for right pseudo division. There are some performance improvements in class PrimeList. The MPJ Express compatibility and test cases have been restored, and will be kept.

      •  05 Jan 2014 01:52

        Release Notes: This release adds a new package edu.jas.fd for solvable polynomial common divisor computation. It will contain algorithms for (non-unique) factorization domains. There are methods for polynomial pseudo remainder computation over Ore domains in class FDUtil. More methods for common divisors are included, but not yet finished. The MPJ and MPI implementations have been further converged and cleaned. Javadocs for the JLinAlg adapter classes are published.

        •  05 Nov 2013 06:34

          Release Notes: This release adds new solvable local residue ring SolvableLocalResidue as solvable quotient field modulo an ideal. Additionally there are new generic solvable polynomials: QLRSolvablePolynomial with abstracted generic coefficients from solvable quotient, local or local-residue rings. The abstracting interfaces QuotPair and QuotPairFactory are implemented in the corresponding classes. Scripting examples for the new classes are adjusted and extended. Differences were removed and different versions of Run*GB stand alone Gröbner base programs were cleaned up.

          •  06 Oct 2013 15:56

            Release Notes: The Android version of JAS, based on Ruboto (JRuby for Android), is now available with signed code and can be directly installed. This release contains new algorithms for least common multiples and a trial greatest common divisor in solvable polynomial rings. Additionally, the Apel-Lassner canonical simplifier for solvable quotients is available. Some refactoring was required to break package dependency cycles. More Findbugs issues have been solved. Java 5 compatibility has been dropped.

            •  08 Sep 2013 20:19

              Release Notes: This release contains new distributed Gröbner base algorithms based on the Java bindings of OpenMPI similarly to the MPJ version. Since both MPI and MPJ are not thread-safe, a work-around was developed to split the transport layer to allow selection of TCP/IP sockets or MPI/MPJ channels for transport. The socket-based distributed hash table now implements the clear() method, which solves non-specific errors in iterated distributed Gröbner base computations. The solvable multiplications have been simplified. Fixes and improvements have been made for Jython and JRuby scripts.


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