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Jake2 is a pure Java port of the Quake2 game engine. It features OpenGL rendering using jogl and OpenAL sound using joal. To use the Jake2 engine, you need either the data files from the original game or from the demo version. An online installation of the demo levels is possible. A lwjgl driver is included as an alternative to the jogl/joal combination. Single player and multiplayer modes are working. Jake2 comes close to the performance of the original engine written in C.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 May 2006 11:41

    Release Notes: Quake video (cinematics) support was added, including sound streaming. Save games are now build compatible. Support for arbitrary sound sample rates was added. A dedicated server mode was added. Lots of bugfixes were made.

    •  26 May 2005 17:13

      Release Notes: Multiplayer client and server functionality, Mac OS X support, a Webstart version, an experimental lwjgl driver, a stand-alone installer, online installation of Quake2 demo data files, mouse wheel support, a very fast screenshot function, reduction of the memory footprint, and bugfixes.

      •  09 Sep 2004 16:44

        Release Notes: New features include savegames, command line completion in the console, and better fullscreen vidmode selection. The memory footprint was reduced. Performance was improved. Bugfixes were made.

        Recent comments

        28 Jul 2011 19:33 sfranzyshen

        Jake2 Development Resurge -
        There has been some activity over at the Jake2 project ... rumor is a new release maybe in the works ...
        Developers Welcome :

        24 Dec 2005 09:03 arcanica

        Very Nice
        10 Stars from me. It may be almost pointless but people should do more projects like this one.


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