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Jacquard is a Web-database integration toolkit, written as a Java Servlet package. It is designed to make it extremely easy to build two- and three-tier client-server applications which will be completely portable to any hardware platform and operating system which supports a Java 1.2-compliant JVM or a JDBC 2.0-compliant database management system, or any Web server or Web Application Server which supports the JSDK 2.0 API.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Jul 2004 16:11

    Release Notes: JDBC does not provide a portable API for adding and modifying accounts, but it is often important that a user should be able to change their password, so this version includes JDBCUserKluge, an attempt to provide a consistent, database independent API for creating, modifying and deleting database-layer user accounts. The configurator package was added to provide a mechanism to create customized webapps at server-side prior to their delivery to their deployment machine.

    •  15 Jun 2004 02:29

      Release Notes: This release incorporates MaybeUpload and adds a new sub-packages alert, flexible email alerting of database changes, a configurator, automatic online preconfiguration of webapps, xhtmlgen, the ability to generate transformable XHTML pages, and many minor feature enhancements throughout the toolkit.

      •  07 Jul 2003 16:27

        Release Notes: All the domutil servlets now use a generator chain where the first generator to accept a request will be allowed to generate the response. Internationalization has been started. A new utility package, alert, which generates email messages from templates, has been added to the toolkit. A new package, xhtmlgen, has been added to the toolkit to assist in the generation of XHTML documents.

        •  18 Mar 2002 12:02

          Release Notes: In this release, ContextElement is DEPRECATED in favour of ContextElementGenerator. This is because many current DOM implementations refuse to handle nodes they didn't originate, so consequently anything which uses ContextElement is very likely to break. If you use ContextElement you should rewrite to take account of this change. Jacquard is now tested for XML engine portability, and is known to work with Saxon/Crimson as well as Xalan/Xerces.

          •  11 Feb 2002 17:10

            Release Notes: Jacquard is now independent of DOM implementation. It uses Xalan 2 as its XSL transformation engine.


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