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  •  12 May 2013 01:56

Release Notes: This release fixes a minor problem with encoding memos longer than 1,024 characters.

  •  19 Feb 2013 04:22

Release Notes: This release added optional support for enforcing foreign key constraints/cascading. This feature is disabled by default (for backwards compatibility), but can be controlled globally via a system property and/or on a per-Database basis using the setEnforceForeignKeys() method. MEMO columns now have additional metadata indicating if they are hyperlink fields.

  •  16 Oct 2012 22:31

Release Notes: This minor feature release adds some functionality to facilitate enforcing referential integrity and more convenient Database construction. An alternate FileChannel implementation is now provided that is entirely memory based for utilizing Jackcess in a wider array of scenarios.

  •  11 Jul 2012 23:28

Release Notes: This release primarily fixes a potential corruption problem when writing partial database pages in encoded databases. The jar now includes osgi bundle information and miscellaneous other fixes.

  •  03 Apr 2012 20:51

Release Notes: This is primarily a minor feature release that adds initial support for linked tables. Linked tables will now be loaded by the normal Database.getTable method and can be created using the new Database.createLinkedTable method. Linked table resolution can be customized per Database by supplying a custom LinkResolver. There is other minor refactoring to improve API usability.

  •  20 Dec 2011 21:47

Release Notes: The biggest new feature in this version was adding support for reading/writing complex column data (version history, attachments, and multi-value columns) in Access 2007/2010 databases. There were other minor updates and fixes as well.

  •  20 Oct 2011 13:02

Release Notes: The Joiner utility was added, and some new methods to IndexCursor make it easier to join tables using pre-defined (index backed) relationships. Unsupported data types are now handled as binary content. There were some enhancements to give more visibility into the space utilized by the tables in the database. A few other minor bugfixes are included, such as trying multiple classloaders when loading resources as streams and fixing an issue with reading an Access 97 database with a large number of fields.

  •  23 May 2011 14:20

Release Notes: Table loading was refactored to use indexes, which should make startup faster. Support was added for reading properties blobs, including methods for accessing database, summary, and user-defined properties from the Database. Jackcess now fully supports Access 2010, including the new "General" sort order. Additionally, a variety of other minor fixes and enhancements were made.

  •  08 Mar 2011 21:40

Release Notes: This release fixes some issues with handling indexes. It adds support for creating indexes when creating a new table (normal indexes and primary key indexes are currently supported), and jackcess now handles multiple logical indexes backed by the same index data and interprets foreign key constraint information. Also, it adds support for writing all fixed length column types into variable length fields, and now allows MSISAM files to be written (experimental).

  •  30 Nov 2010 16:11

Release Notes: The biggest change in this release was adding support for some forms of access file encryption. The initial implementation of this support is in a separate project called Jackcess Encrypt. Also, database passwords can now be read. The quote character can be chosen on flat file import. Jackcess can now be utilized on the Android platform by following a few compatibility steps. The output column format can be chosen for each table. Column matching can be customized on a per Cursor basis. Lastly, certain types of usage map inconsistencies are now ignored (when safe to do so).


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