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Java Aspect Components

JAC is a Java framework that provides some facilities to achieve Aspect-Oriented Programming and to separate concerns when programming (distributed) applications (for instance, the persistence or authentication aspects can be considered independently from what the application is doing). It provides a runtime execution environment that supports Aspect-Oriented applications written with the JAC framework that provides visualisation, administration, and configuration tools for the applications and for their aspects.


Recent releases

  •  19 May 2004 15:17

    Release Notes: AOP alliance's interfaces are now supported. log4j is used, and is used just4log for better performance. A timestamp-based cache aspect was added. The IDE was improved. Many GUI aspect enhancements were added. Support was added for multiple storages in the persistence aspect.

    •  17 Apr 2003 15:37

      Release Notes: This release adds lots of IDE enhancements and bugfixes, SQLStorage bugfixes, Web/GUI improvements, and basic report generation with JasperReports.

      •  07 Mar 2003 17:31

        Release Notes: The IDE (UMLAF) has been greatly improved. Java and aspect configuration code editors now have contextual completion, some rtti and integrity configurations are now generated for the business model, applications can now be launched from the IDE, and aspects configurations can be dynamically reloaded from the IDE while the application is running. The GUI aspect has been slightly improved with the addition of "expression fields" and a popup items disabling feature.

        •  19 Dec 2002 04:00

          Release Notes: Fixes for generation of relations in the IDE, fixes for concurrency problems that ocurred on images in the photos sample, and when an object is removed from a collection, its views are removed.

          •  15 Dec 2002 18:25

            Release Notes: Bytecode analysis was improved to find out getters, setters, adders, and removers. Standard java.util collections can now be used. Many improvements were made to the GUI aspect (especially for the Web). A new user aspect to manage access control was added. The online demo is back.


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