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  •  30 Jun 2002 14:22

Release Notes: This version contains some minor code cleanup, bugfixes, and new features. All of the documentation about actions is now generated, it is now possible to send signals to a process in the interaction window (ctrl-c will now send a sigint instead of trying to execute (break)), an annoying bug in the parenthesis matching which caused automatic line indentation to work incorrectly is fixed, file extensions are now linked to the parser type, and the rename definition feature is finished.

  •  23 Jun 2002 15:01

Release Notes: This release contains the accumulated changes from version 0.016 up to version 0.019. A lot of bugs were fixed and some minor features were added. As a preparation for the first beta release, a major code revision has begun.

  •  02 Jun 2002 14:01

Release Notes: The installation routine now tests for the correct Java version. The installation error messages can now be copied to the X11 cut buffer. Keybindings to select the current line or to delete the current leaf, element, or toplevel element were added. A bug which made an editor buffer uneditable if it was first closed and then reopened has been resolved. Inserting text will no longer cause anomalous extending of the highlighted region of parenthesis highlighting.

  •  26 May 2002 14:31

Release Notes: The cursor code in this release is rewritten so that cursor movement is a lot faster. Keybindings to select leaves, elements, and toplevel elements and to widen and shorten selections are added. Extra LISP functions are added to the JABBERWOCKY package. Some bugs in line numbering and jumping to a line are resolved.

  •  20 May 2002 12:04

Release Notes: This release solves a serious bug in the display engine when comment and default font are different, fixes the problem where output in a interaction buffer causes a focus change to this buffer, solves a problem in cursor placement during startup, fixes some bugs in focus managment when clicking on tabs, and solves an out of memory problem during installation. The following new features have also been added: The command history is saved at exit allowing to keep the command history between sessions, warnings and errors are logged, and Jabberwocky can be extended via lisp code.

Release Notes: Jabberwocky has now full support for macro recording. The rudiments of using LISP as a extension language have been added. Automatic document generation of actions in HTML is now possible. A bug which occasionally caused the message, "DEBUGGER package not found," when starting an interaction buffer has been solved.

  •  05 May 2002 16:34

Release Notes: This release contains some major speed improvements in editing, cursor movement, and parentheses matching for big documents. Debugging of selected code or the current top level form is now possible. The rudiments of macro recording have been added. A bug in cursor placement after indentation is solved; closing a debugged buffer no longer stops the LISP process, and the buffer is revalidated after pressing enter at the end of a buffer.

Release Notes: In this version, support was added for the LOOP facility (debugging of simple and extended loop forms is now possible), the support for #+ and #- has been rewritten, and the sort order of the history has been reversed. Selected commands in the history are no longer automatically executed, but can be edited before execution, and Undo/Redo will now correctly validate and repaint the editor buffer.

  •  01 Apr 2002 10:26

Release Notes: You can now switch between the editor pane and the interaction pane with ctrl-i. A shortcut to switch between editor buffers (ctrl-t) has been added. Jumping to a line via alt-g is now possible. Numerous indentation bugs were solved. Changing the color/font will now repaint and revalidate the buffers. A minor bug in the drawing of line numbers is fixed. A bug in the splitting of a editor buffer (causing one of the buffers not to react on the key input) has been fixed. The state of split buffers is now saved correctly.

  •  24 Mar 2002 10:48

Release Notes: You can now send a break to a LISP process and load/compile the content of an editor buffer. The state of the interaction buffers is saved during exit. Fixes were made for enter processing in an interactive buffer, tabbed pane processing of interactions, numerous NullException bugs, and the display of warnings. The editor buffer is no longer marked unmodified when entering debug mode. Entering debug mode will no longer fail when there are watch buffers. Resizing of the Error, Message, and Input areas is now always possible.


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