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jabberd is a Jabber/XMPP instant messaging server. It implements XMPP-Core (RFC3920), XMPP-IM (RFC3921), and a range of protocol extensions: XEP-0012, XEP-0016, XEP-0030, XEP-0049, XEP-0054, XEP-0077, XEP-0079, XEP-0092, XEP-0114, XEP-0138, XEP-0153, XEP-0157, XEP-0160, XEP-0191, XEP-0192, XEP-0193, XEP-0198, XEP-0199, XEP-0202, XEP-0203.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  18 Nov 2013 22:50

Release Notes: This release packs many new features and a load of bugfixes. It also introduces a Semantic Versioning scheme and TLS Everywhere recommendation.

  •  26 Aug 2012 14:54

Release Notes: This is an importand security release targeted at recent discovery of a vulnerability in XMPP Server Dialback Implementations.

  •  04 May 2012 22:17

Release Notes: This is a major bugfix release intended to fix problems introduced in 2.2.15 with moving to Git, thus a new release procedure. It also implements an --enable-tests configure option to make building tests not mandatory. It includes documentation in source. It implements debug logging to a file.

Release Notes: This is a major feature release bringing a lot of bugfixes and new features. Notably, most of the enhancements from the Apple ChatServer fork were merged into the mainline.

  •  01 Jun 2011 06:49

Release Notes: This is a security release dealing with the “billion laughs” attack possibility discovered in many XMPP servers (CVE-2011-1755). There are also few bugfixes and enhancements included.


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